Genever is an Art Deco Hidden Gem in Historic Filipinotown

Lady Genever mural at Genever

Located in Historic Filipinotown, Genever is uniquely situated at the nexus of women’s empowerment, cultural heritage, community, and Los Angeles cocktail culture. The gin-forward cocktail menu features Filipino ingredients like tapioca, panutsa, bitter melon, pandan, calamansi and sago.

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Cocktails Go Dutch with Bols Genever

With the Netherlands reaching the World Cup final for the first time since 1978, the genever is sure to be flowing this Sunday, and mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts alike will be reaching for Bols Genever. Founded in 1575 by the Lucas Bols family, Bols Distilleries is the leading producer of genever, aka Holland Gin or…

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