From Farm to Glass: Matthew Biancaniello’s Sublime Cocktails at the Library Bar

In a weekend post to his Facebook page, Matthew Biancaniello hinted at how much work goes into bartending at a big Hollywood bash like last Saturday’s Speakeasy event: “…up early ready to pick up 800 lavender stems and juice 600 lemons.” Keep in mind, this update was posted at 5am on the morning of the party. Biancaniello might end up with Popeye’s forearms if his profile continues to rise at the rate it has since he captured the title at last August’s Chartreuse Sweet 16 Competition. Coming from a distinctly non-culinary background, Biancaniello has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in a city teeming with talented bartenders. Angelenos have taken notice, giving him the most votes in the ongoing LA’s Best Bartender Contest.

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