As a cocktail enthusiast and a native Angeleno, I couldn’t be happier to see that Los Angeles cocktail culture has come into its own. As Jonathan Gold aptly puts it, the city is once again experiencing its Cocktail Moment. For those seeking craft or classic cocktails, there are more options than ever, from the Cedd Moses collective and the Edison in downtown, to the Roger Room in mid-city, to Copa d’Oro on the Westside. Many of our finest bars and bartenders are garnering national acclaim and making an impact on what has become a global cocktail renaissance.

I launched Thirsty In LA to further expand awareness of LA’s thriving cocktail community. More than just a bar guide, Thirsty In LA will offer cocktail recipes, spirit reviews, and tips for the cocktail enthusiast. Thirsty In LA will also be a source for info on upcoming events, book reviews, cocktail trends and history. And of course, Thirsty In LA will provide a spotlight on the talented men and women who have taken LA’s cocktail culture to the next level.

But first and foremost, I’ll be sharing my cocktailing experiences in the City of Angels, from the latest grand openings to landmark bars that have stood the test of time. Some of LA’s top bar programs happen to be at restaurants like Rivera and Comme Ca, so I’ll also be cajoling my drinking companions into occasional dining excursions. Or, to paraphrase the immortal Nick Charles: “Let’s get something to eat, I’m thirsty.”


~ Daniel


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