World Cocktail Day

Today is World Cocktail Day, the culmination of World Cocktail Week and its celebration of the American Cocktail. The date coincides with the earliest uses of the term “Cocktail” in the May 1806 editions of “The Balance and Columbian Repository.” Imbibe recently uploaded a scan of these historic documents, which you can read on the magazine’s website. World Cocktail Week is organized by the Museum of the American Cocktail and its sponsors, with celebrations being held across the country and around the world. Last week, USA Today covered the event in this article, asking top mixologists to share cocktail trends from their areas.

Here in Los Angeles, the Edison will be celebrating World Cocktail Day by serving Moscow Mules in a copper mug for $5 all night long. Why a Moscow Mule, and why a copper mug you might ask? You can read all about the Mule on the Museum’s dedicated page.

The Edison

108 West 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 613-0000

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