A Toast to the Bard of Ayrshire

Robert Burns | Image: PD-ART (Wikimedia Commons)

It’s January 25, and on this day in 1759, the great Romantic poet Robert Burns was born. To celebrate Burns Night, people around the world will gather for a Burns Supper and eat haggis, drink whisky, and recite Burns’ poetry. Now, any event that calls for drams of whisky is fine by me, but a celebration of the life and poetry of Scotland’s National Poet seems especially apropos. Thanks to a ban here in the States, we don’t have access to proper haggis (though apparently that may change*), but I can certainly do right by Mr. Burns with a dram (or two) of the uisge beatha (“water of life”).

Liquor.com has a few suggestions for single malts to pour for Burns Night: The Balvenie Madeira Cask (pictured right), The Glenlivet Nadurra Triumph, and The Glenmorangie Astar. Great selections to be sure, but personally I’ll be sipping The Balvenie tonight (see my review for tasting notes).

Meanwhile, Chuck Taggart has done the seemingly impossible: he’s made the much-maligned haggis sound tasty! Check out his Looka! post on the Bobby Burns cocktail (complete with his haggis experience) and you’ll see what I mean. Chuck also suggests a few single malts and blends, including the awesomely peaty Laphroaig 10-year, a personal fave.

*Update 2/1: According to this report from NPR, haggis is still banned: “While a review of the ban on beef and lamb is under way, there’s no time frame for its completion.”

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