Caña Rum Bar Soft Opens Tonight

A week after Las Perlas made its long-awaited debut, cocktail enthusiasts will have another new 213 Downtown destination to visit when Caña Rum Bar soft opens tonight. The latest from Cedd Moses is a reboot of the exclusive Doheny members-only bar, which became as well-known for its high roller membership fees as it did for its cocktails. In its new incarnation, Caña has been reimagined as a 1930’s Caribbean lounge, featuring over 140 small-batch rums, a rum-based cocktail menu, and seasonal wines and beers from the world’s rum producing capitals. There will be live Caribbean & tropical Latin music, plus weekly drink specials such as $6 Mojitos and Daiquiris. Caña’s focus on rum follows on the other 213 bars devoted to a single spirit, Seven Grand (whiskey) and Las Perlas (tequila/mezcal).

The idea of converting the Doheny to Caña was initiated by 213’s in-house spirits consultant John Coltharp, the bar manager at Seven Grand. Joel Black, the Doheny’s GM, embraced the concept and worked with  John on crafting the drink program and transitioning the Doheny. The Caña cocktail menu will feature signature creations and classic rum cocktails from daiquiris to Tiki drinks. Freshly-made, seasonal rum punches will be served to groups on the patio, a greenhouse that became the Doheny’s outdoor smoking lounge. The Caña team hosted tastings last week for current members and close friends, reportedly to enthusiastic response.

Caña will still be a members-only venue, but its annual membership fee has been drastically reduced to just $20. Included in this fee is membership in the Caña Rum Society, which will host complimentary rum tastings and spirit education gatherings. The program is modeled on the esteemed Seven Grand Whiskey Society, co-created by John during his tenure.

And what of the Doheny’s current members, who shelled out serious coin for their dues? They’ll be credited drinks and services at Caña, equivalent to the remaining time left on their Doheny membership, as well as gratis lifetime membership to the Caña Rum Society.

For membership inquiries, contact General Manager Joel Black: [email protected]

Caña Rum Bar at The Doheny
The Petroleum Building
714 W. Olympic Blvd. (at Flower)
Los Angeles, CA, 90015
(213) 745-7090

The soft opening is at 6pm on Thursday, March 18, 2010.

Caña will be open 6pm-2am Monday through Friday, Saturday from 7pm-2am, with Sundays reserved for private parties and special events.

For the first 30 days following Caña’s March 18th opening, all $20 of your annual membership fee will be donated to relief efforts in Haiti, home of Rhum Barbancourt, widely regarded as one of the best rums produced in Latin America. Proceeds will benefit the United States Foundation for the Children of Haiti (

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