Themed Cocktail Hours at First and Hope

Tonight, May 25, First & Hope Downtown Supper Club debuts its Themed Cocktail Hours, which take place Tuesday through Friday from 5-7pm. Each cocktail hour will feature different food and drink specials, based on that day’s theme.

Here are the details:


TV Dinner Tuesdays

  • $10 “TV Dinners”
  • Special toasts to classic TV

Picnic & Beer Wednesdays

  • Gingham downtown picnic featuring $5 fried chicken and potato salad
  • Global selection of beers

Farmer’s Market Thursdays

  • “Smorgasbord of Fruits & Vegetables” for guests to choose from at the main bar
  • Guests’ selections are juiced to create bespoke cocktails
  • Free munchies

Fifties Fondue Fridays

  • Special menu of 50s classic cocktails
  • Free fondue

First & Hope Downtown Supper Club
710 W. 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 617-8555

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