Sipping Green with GlassDharma Straws

Red Decorative Dot & Beautiful Bend Straws

Sipping green: GlassDharma's Red Decorative Dot (L) and Beautiful Bend (R) straws.

With summer well under way, the timing was perfect for GlassDharma to send several of their glass straws to test drive and review. Located in Fort Bragg, California, GlassDharma is on a mission that founder and master lampworker (glassblower) David Leonhardt sees as threefold: “Creating the highest quality, most durable glass straws; having them be elegant and stylish; and for them to serve an important purpose.” That purpose is to reduce the reliance on plastic straws by using and reusing glass straws.

According to GlassDharma’s press materials, its straws are made from borosilicate glass (e.g. Pyrex or Simax), which is used in laboratory glassware, cookware, telescopes and even the Space Shuttle. GlassDharma anneals its glass, a process that relieves stress and increases durability. The straws are dishwasher and microwave safe.

GlassDharma offers its straws in three styles: Simple Elegance, Beautiful Bend, and Decorative Dot. Each style comes in different lengths and widths, and are available individually or in sets. Accessories include cleaning brushes and hemp soft sleeves for taking the straws on the go.

Four straws were sent for review: the Green Decorative Dot “Sipper” (7mm diameter x 6.25” long), the Beautiful Bend “Ice Tea” (9.5mm x 9”), the Red Decorative Dot “Ice Tea” (9.5mm x 9”), and Simple Elegance “Smoothie” (12mm x 9”).

The 8” and 9” Simple Elegance straws are the company’s flagship products, and in addition to the “Smoothie” also come in “Ice Tea” and “Bubble Tea” (14mm) diameters. Other lengths in this style include the “Shorty” (6.25”) and the Extra-Long (10”). As its name suggests, the Simple Elegance is a straightforward glass straw, but with so many options this minimal design goes a long way.

The Beautiful Bend is a slightly longer 9” straw available in two diameters, “Ice Tea” and 12mm. The name refers to the angled upper portion of the straw, well suited for sodas and adult beverages alike.

Red Decorative Dot Straw with Tiki-Ti Mug

The Red Decorative Dot straw and the Tiki-Ti 50th Anniversary Mug.

The standout straws are the Decorative Dots, which can be used at parties to help guests identify their drinks. The six available colors offer creative options as well, so you can match the dots with the drink for visual appeal. Because the Decorative Dots are made of colored glass that’s been fused to the straw, they won’t fade over time.

Sven Kirsten, who designed the Tiki-Ti 50th Anniversary Mug, said in a recent Tiki Central post, “Be a safe drinker: ALWAYS use a STRAW!” With that in mind, the mug is pictured with GlassDharma’s Red Decorative Dot straw.

The Green Decorative Dot "Sipper" and a Oaxaca Old Fashioned.

To stay on the eco-friendly theme, the Green Decorative Dot “Sipper” is pictured with a Oaxaca Old Fashioned, made with two organic spirits (Casa Noble Single Barrel Reposado and Del Maguey Chichicapa), a couple of dashes of Bittermens Xocolatl Mole Bitters, agave nectar, and garnished with a flamed orange peel.

GlassDharma Straws in a Jar

Here's one way of storing GlassDharma straws. | Photo: GlassDharma

The GlassDharma straws have a nice heft and give the impression that, barring any butterfingers, have the strength to endure repeated use and cleanings. GlassDharma certainly stands by their product: the company offers a lifetime guarantee against breakage, and promises that if a straw breaks, it will be repaired or replaced.

With their elegant design, durability and visual appeal, the GlassDharma straws are definitely going to see plenty of sipping time in my home. Knowing that the straws are environmentally friendly will make the drinks taste that much better.

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