Caña Rum & Coconut Water Labor Day Weekend Special

Rum & Coconut Water - Caña Rum Bar

Nothing says “life of the party” like drinking out of a coconut, and on Sunday and Monday of Labor Day Weekend, Cãna Rum Bar is featuring a great special on one of its most popular cocktails, the Rum & Coconut Water. On September 2-3, 2012, Cãna is offering the refreshing drink for $10, and even better, Caña GM Allan Katz has shared the recipe (see below). If you want to take advantage of the special before trying to make it at home, Katz has graciously offered to explain the process to Caña guests. Katz makes it look easy, but unless you’re a member of the Wing Kong society, you’ll want to take copious notes, friends.

Rum & Coconut Water photo courtesy 213 Nightlife.

Caña Rum Bar
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Sipping Rum & Coconut Water - Caña Rum Bar

Mmm...Rum & Coconut Water...

Rum & Coconut Water
Created by Allan Katz
Makes 2-3 rounds / coconut

Tools: Chinese cleaver, shaker, ice, spoon

Ingredients: Cruzan Black Strap Rum, young Thai coconut

Preparation: Make sure your coconuts are well-chilled. If the coconut isn’t pre-opened, hack it open by striking it with the cleaver hard enough to go through the outer layer and inner shell. Do this close to the edge of the top of the coconut so you’ll have a large enough opening to dig into the flesh with the spoon. Swing hard, take care to keep all the fingers on your other hand, and have some fun with it. You’ll want all your cuts to meet, though. Once you’ve put 4-6 connecting cuts in the top of the coconut, pry it open with the spoon (or the cleaver if you want to look cool).

Pour the water out. Measure 4.5 oz into your shaker. Then add 2 oz of rum. Gently shake with ice for 5 seconds. (You’re just mixing and don’t want much dilution, the coconut water is already cold.) Strain it back into the coconut, and now you have a healthy, refreshing libation served in an organic vessel that keeps your drink cold (the shell holds the chill from the fridge for a while) and provides a snack (use the teaspoon to eat the flesh).

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  1. lena on September 4, 2012 at 10:47 am

    boo! i can’t believe i missed this! oh well, i will be at angel’s share at some point this weekend to make up for it.