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Tiki Tuesdays - La Descarga

Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails (LUPEC) is an all-women’s classic cocktail society, founded in Pittsburgh in 2001. The Los Angeles chapter is one of a dozen local LUPEC chapters throughout the country. The LAdies of LUPEC meet seasonally with a focus on camaraderie and charitable acts.

From September 10 to October 1, LUPEC LA is hosting four consecutive Tiki Tuesdays at La Descarga. “The idea for an all-LAdies series happened late one night with Brent [Falco] at La Descarga a few months back, and she really got this started,” said Kat Witt, LUPEC board member. “Because five of the LUPEC board are bad-ass bartenders, it was easy to pull together.”

Cari Hah and Jaymee Mandeville

Cari Hah and Jaymee Mandeville

The LUPEC series kicks off on Tuesday, September 10 with Twisted Tiki, featuring Jaymee Mandeville and Cari Hah. The dynamic duo will feature tiki drinks made with Bacardi Heritage 1909, Oxley, and D’usse Cognac. Following Twisted Tiki, Descarga bar manager Joseph Swifka welcomes Amanda Gunderson (Congenial Spirits); Karen Grill (Bestia) and Kiowa Bryan (Eveleigh); and the history-making trio of Brent Falco, Cari Hah and Zahra Bates (Cole’s Red Car Bar). “I’ve seen the menus and all of the LAdies are bringing great tiki flavor in unconventional recipes,” said Witt.

Proceeds from the LUPEC series will go to the Downtown Women’s Center, a nationally recognized pioneer of permanent supportive housing that’s celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. Witt noted, “Joe has been really gracious and supportive of our fundraising element.”

LUPEC LAdies Tiki Tuesdays
Hosted by Hollis Bulleit and Kat Witt

  • Sept. 10: Twisted Tiki with Jaymee Mandeville & Cari Hah, featuring Bacardi Portfolio
  • Sept. 17: Amanda Gunderson & a surprise LAdy TBC, featuring Congenial Spirits’ Cedar Ridge and Tapatio
  • Sept. 24: Karen Grill & Kiowa Bryan, featuring Atlantico Rum and House Spirits
  • Oct. 1: The LAdies from Cole’s (Brent Falco, Cari Hah & Zahra Bates), featuring Bulleit Bourbon and Montanya Rum

Proceeds benefit Downtown Women’s Center

La Descarga
1159 N. Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 466-1324

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