When Tequila Meets Art: the 1800 Essential Artists Series


Bottle design by Studio Number One, Essential Artist 21/1800.

November is certainly off to an auspicious start, as the Booze Fairy gifted me yesterday with a bottle of 1800 Silver Tequila, featuring a striking design created by Studio Number One. The bottle is part of the second annual collection of limited-edition 1800 Tequila Essential Artists bottles, a series of 12 bottles that showcases original artwork by up-and-coming artists from New York to Hawaii. The first installment of the series attracted attention from a wide-range of both world-renowned and unknown artists. This year, from a total of 15,000+ online submissions, 1800 Tequila selected eleven user-generated designs and one special edition “celebrity artist” bottle by Studio Number One.

Founded in 2003 by acclaimed artist Shepard Fairey (creator of the Obama “HOPE” poster and the “Obey Giant” campaign), Studio Number One has built a reputation as one of today’s most influential creative agencies in the country. Describing themselves as a “firm where art and design bridge the gap between culture and enterprise,” Studio Number One reflects the mission of the 1800 Tequila Essential Artists series.

“It’s a pleasure to be involved with something that puts art in more people’s hands, and to work with a brand like 1800 Tequila that supports and promotes artists,” said Amanda Fairey, Chief Operating Officer for Studio Number One.

“We wanted to create something that’s as much fun to enjoy on the shelf as it is off the shelf. It’s a design that captures the wild side of tequila, but tames it with a dose of humor and a sense of adventure,” added Florencio Zavala, Associate Creative Director for Studio Number One.


The Grand Prize Winner: SteveOramA, Essential Artist 10/1800

In addition to Studio Number One, eleven artists from across the country contributed work to create the 12 bottle series. These artists include:

  • SteveOramA (Honolulu, HI): the $10,000 Grand Prize Winner and star of the series
  • Ian McGillivray (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Nickelyn Reames (Manteca, CA)
  • danyol (San Francisco, CA)
  • Leyland “Lee” DeVito (Detroit, MI)
  • Danielle Salinas (Bloomfield, NJ)
  • Chad Shore (Atlanta, GA)
  • Mark Sweeney (San Francisco, CA)
  • Branden Tintiangco (San Diego, CA)
  • Chuck Trunks (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Michelle Villasenor (Atlanta, GA)

“We’re excited to offer another round of Essential Artists bottles, as we received an overwhelmingly positive response to the first campaign,” said Elwyn Gladstone, VP of Marketing for Proximo Spirits, the New York-based company that distributes 1800 Tequila. “Emerging artists can struggle for years before seeing their work recognized on a national scale, but the creative genius behind the submissions and the incredible demand from consumers has allowed us to expand this program and feature 11 more artists, on our way to showcasing 1,800 inspired submissions.”

Only a limited number of the current series of Essential Artists bottles have been produced, making them attractive collector’s items and lively additions to any bar. In addition to the artwork, the bottle design features the artist’s bio on the side and a sticker that certifies the limited edition and bottling date. With the holidays just around the corner, Essential Artists bottles are sure to be gifted to tequila enthusiasts and underground art aficionados alike. To find the Essential Artists bottles (priced at $24.99 retail), enter your zip code in the “1800 Locator” on 1800Tequila.com.

1800 Tequila plans to re-launch the contest at the end of this year by inviting artists to submit their own bottle designs for a chance at inclusion in the next Essential Artists series.

To view the current Essential Artists series, including bottle designs, artist bios, and more, please visit 1800tequila.com/essential.


The 1800 Tequila Essential Artists Series.

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